• EPS raised letters
  • Elizabeth Fort Cork Sign Corten steel raised letters signage
  • Raised letters installed on fabricated folded aluminium composite tray sign_NextGen Cork
  • Raised Letters Signage
  • FatBadgers_IceCream&TakeAway_raisedsigns_Cork
  • aluminium raised letters
  • Raised Letters Signage
  • Raised Letters Signage
  • Raised School sign

Raised Letters

Optima Signs provides high quality signs, great personal service and value for money, from design, manufacture to installation.

Cut from 10 x 19mm thick PVC our raised letters are a very popular option for a variety of different signage applications. At Optima Signs our letters are filled, primed, spray painted and finished to a very high standard. With today’s high quality materials you could expect years and years of durability from your raised letters when finished correctly.
Raised letters are available in all sizes, fonts and colours and are a great option for your sign internally or externally.

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