• Stainless Steel Raised Letters
  • Elizabeth Fort Cork Sign Corten steel raised letters signage
  • Illuminated Raised letters
  • Lottamore_House_polished_stainless steel letters
  • Stainless Steel Raised Letters
  • Stainless Steel Raised Letters
  • Fascia Shop Front Signs

Stainless Steel Signs

Optima Signs provides high quality signs, great personal service and value for money, from design, manufacture to installation.

Distinctive and durable built up stainless steel lettering provide a professional and modern look to any business.  Finishes are available in brushed, polished or painted.  At Optima Signs we take personal pride in every sign we manufacture but stainless steel letters always brings out our best.

Led pods are a great way to illuminate your stainless steel letters. Fitted internal they create a soft ‘Halo’ type effect around the individual letters. LED’s require very little power to run and are extremely reliable. Colours are available in white, green, blue and red.

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